Our Process

Our team manages the development process from start to finish, analyzing each step along the way for the perfect delivery. Our flexible approach adapts to our client’s needs, accommodating the variable details of every transaction.

Step 1


Here we focus on getting to know you and your business strategy and goals, setting the foundation for everything else that follows. This stage is typically dominated by the numerous steps required to complete due diligence, research and permitting. Risks associated with the unknowns throughout this stage must be carefully managed to curtail runaway investment costs and time. Common steps in this phase include:

  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Environmental and Geotechnical Studies
  • Survey completion
  • Land acquisition
  • Proforma creation
Step 2

Development and Entitlement

This phase focuses on project resource engagements, development plans and project approvals. Now that we have completed due diligence and feasibility, we can work to build the development team needed to successfully deliver your project. Lack of development knowledge and experience can lead to poor hiring decisions and lengthy approval processes. Important steps in this stage include:

  • Hiring architects and engineers
  • Entitlements as needed
  • Creating site, development and building plans
  • Permitting and securing local official approvals
  • Finalizing budget and project funding
Step 3


This stage often determines the overall financial success of your project. If not expertly managed, unforeseen changes and obstacles can massively impact your budget and schedule, presenting huge risk to your investment. You can rely on Cornerstone to leverage our experience, knowledge and industry relationships to minimize risk by implementing well-defined processes and transparency. Common steps in this stage include:

  • Selecting Contractor/Builder (rigorous RFP process)
  • Overseeing construction (meetings, reports, RFI’s, change orders, etc)
  • Leasing and selecting property management
  • Horizontal and Vertical Construction (as needed)
  • Project marketing
Step 4

Post Development

The final stage of this complex process is the realization of your project goals, hopefully turning your development dreams into reality. While the pre-development and construction risks may be removed by this point, obtaining tenants and project stabilization is still at risk. Activities during the final stage include:

  • Acquiring Certificate of Occupancy
  • Continuing marketing and leasing
  • Property Management Company handover
  • Achieving stabilization
  • Hold or finding a buyer